Supersonic Sprint
Supersonic Sprint

Supersonic Sprint

Join forces with Ultra Violet and Black Scorpion as they combat the town's notorious criminals in the exhilarating Supersonic Sprint game! Are you prepared to venture into the night and uphold the safety of the town amidst various challenges?

Your assistance is crucial as you navigate through town and tackle diverse missions, ranging from rescuing lost pets to thwarting criminal activities. With your dedication, there's no challenge too great for this dynamic duo! Will you answer the call to aid the citizens and maintain peace?

Mastering the game controls is essential for success! While Ultra Violet and Black Scorpion handle the running, you'll utilize the Spacebar to jump and the Z key to dash. Keep an eye out for your special attack, activated by forming the designated pattern with your mouse. Maneuver through obstacles, evade adversaries, and collect coins to enhance your hero's capabilities through various upgrades available in the shop. Be vigilant, as certain missions, like apprehending the elusive criminal Miradora, demand caution and strategy to emerge victorious!

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