Information for Parents

What is Toongo?

Toongo is a website with free games for kids, available at Our users can play games directly in their web browsers, without downloading or installing anything. We publish easy and quick games that help kids build basic skills like logical thinking and hand-eye coordination. We make sure to double-check every game before it goes live, so everything on Toongo is absolutely kid-friendly.

What is needed to use Toongo?

Toongo works in any modern web browser on computers, smartphones, and tablets with internet access. There is no need to install additional software or browser plugins.

How does Toongo ensure children's safety?

We don't allow users to create accounts or communicate with other players via chat or comment systems. We also don't publish games that include such features.

Does Toongo collect my child's personal data?

No. We don't collect personal data from our users.

Does Toongo use Cookies?

Yes, we do use Cookies to make sure our website works well and to give our users a smooth experience. Our Cookies store data like your favorite games, recent searches, and games you've played lately. We don't use this data for profiling, showing personalized ads, or analyzing website traffic.

Can my child spend money on Toongo?

No. All games on Toongo are available for free without any limitations. We don't offer any paid subscription services and we don't publish games that offer microtransactions (purchasing virtual items with real money).

Are there ads displayed on Toongo?

No, we don't show any ads.

Is Toongo suitable for preschoolers?

We publish games for kids of all ages, which is why some of them may not be suitable for preschool-aged children. We've addressed this issue by adding an optional JUNIOR mode, which adjusts all content on Toongo to be suitable for preschoolers. The JUNIOR mode toggle is located in the top-right corner of the website (or in the website menu if you're using Toongo on a smartphone or tablet).

Additional information and contact us

You can find detailed information about how Toongo works in our terms of use and privacy policy. If you have additional questions or would like to share your opinion, please contact us at [email protected].