Privacy Policy

We care about your privacy

Toongo is designed for children, and we assume that anyone using our website might be a child. Because of this, we handle data very carefully and have put steps in place to make sure our users have complete privacy while using Toongo.

Data we collect

Toongo processes only anonymous data that can't be linked to a specific user. We store basic information that your web browser shares with us and our partners when you visit Toongo. Here are some examples of anonymous data and how it's used:

  • Browser type and version - this helps us know if you're using a computer or mobile device, so we can show you the right version of our website.
  • Language - specifically, the default language set in your web browser. We use this information to potentially suggest changing the language displayed on Toongo.
  • Referring page link - this helps us know if you came to Toongo from another website or just moved between pages. Some Toongo parts might work a bit differently based on that.

Our partners might process your IP address to keep their technologies and Toongo safe and working well. Your IP address isn't stored anywhere. The only time an IP address might be saved temporarily or permanently is if someone tries to disrupt the proper functioning of Toongo or our partners' technologies, like during a DDoS attack.

Cookies and related technologies

Cookies are small files generated by websites and saved on your device. They can hold basic data needed for a website to work right, but they can also track what you do online, build a profile of your interests, and show you ads that fit you best. LocalStorage is another technology like Cookies that creates somewhat bigger data files and saves them in your browser's memory.

Our Cookies and LocalStorage files

Toongo uses Cookies and LocalStorage only to make sure the site works well and is easy to use. We don't collect our users' personal data, track them, or profile them. We also don't let our partners do that. Cookies made by Toongo can be saved for up to 12 months, while LocalStorage files can be saved until you delete them. All files generated by Toongo begin with tgo_.

Data in our Cookies and LocalStorage files

We store two types of data in our Cookies and LocalStorage files:

  • Essential - are needed to ensure that Toongo functions properly. This includes information such as whether the user has seen a cookie message, whether the user is using JUNIOR mode, or how the user rated games. This data helps display the appropriate content on Toongo (like showing only preschool games in JUNIOR mode), protect against abuse of certain features (such as game rating), and optimize technical processes.
  • Functional - contains game IDs that let our system know which games to show users in specific places. It may be data about recently played games, recently searched games and favorite games.

This data is only read by Toongo to show games that the user has already interacted with in the right places. We don't use this data to suggest similar content and don't save it on our servers. Users can delete all or some data about their game activity anytime by clicking the button below. Deleting data can't be undone.

Cookies and LocalStorage generated by games

Some games need to remember certain data to work as users expect, like best scores, settings, or progress. Some games may save this data in Cookies, LocalStorage, or similar tech, also on external servers from other companies. Game developers and publishers can't get personal data from our users using these files unless they ask for permission first.

Blocking Cookies in your Browser

You can block Cookies in any web browser. Blocking tracking Cookies won't affect how Toongo works. But blocking all Cookies will stop some Toongo features and might stop some games from working right.

Deleting Cookies and LocalStorage in your browser

Browsers let you delete some or all Cookies and LocalStorage files, usually when you clear your browsing history. Deleting these files will make you lose all data about your activity on Toongo and progress in games published by us.

Additional Information

Toongo's privacy policy can change anytime, so we suggest checking it regularly. Changes made to our privacy policy come into effect on the day they're posted and further using Toongo means you agree to the changes. We'll show the last update date at the bottom of this page. If you have more questions, email us at [email protected].

Last update: 2023-06-01