Sanjay and Craig: Wing Quest 4
Sanjay and Craig: Wing Quest 4

Sanjay and Craig: Wing Quest 4

Join Sanjay and Craig on a flavorful adventure in Wing Quest IV, where they embark on a mission to recover Tufflip's beloved chicken wings stolen by the town's baddies. It's a race against time to reclaim the tasty treats and save the day!

In this action-packed game, you'll need to help Sanjay and Craig navigate through various challenges and confront formidable enemies to secure the coveted chicken wing flavors. With Sanjay's health bar at stake, every obstacle and adversary must be tackled with skill and strategy.

To aid in their quest, you'll unlock Craig's four versatile forms, each with unique abilities essential for overcoming obstacles and defeating enemies. From sword strikes to projectile attacks, double jumps to swinging across gaps, Craig's transformations are key to progressing through the game's levels.

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