Peppa Pig Basketball

Peppa Pig Basketball

Join Peppa and her friends for an exciting game of basketball in the Peppa Pig Basketball challenge! Daddy Pig has taught them the basics, but they need your help to defeat the grown-ups and emerge victorious. Are you prepared to lead the team to glory on the court?

Get ready to showcase your basketball skills! Using your mouse, pass the ball between the kids until it's time to take the shot. Can you outsmart the parents' team and prove yourself as the strongest player? Quick reflexes and precise movements will be key to success!

Remember to strategize carefully as you pass the ball from player to player. Avoid passing when a parent is in the way, as they'll intercept the ball. Instead, focus on finding open teammates and leading Peppa to the perfect shot. With determination and concentration, victory is within reach!

Peppa Pig © Astley Baker Davies Ltd. / Entertainment One Ltd.

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