Mickey Mouse: Space Adventure

Mickey Mouse: Space Adventure

Prepare for an intergalactic adventure with Mickey Mouse in the exhilarating Mickey's Out of This World Treasure Hunt game! Join Mickey as he embarks on a cosmic journey through space, exploring planets such as the Moon, Mars, Saturn, and even a mysterious secret planet.

Your mission is to collect the treasure stars scattered across the universe. Keep an eye on the top left of the screen, where the required number of stars needed to unlock the secret planet is displayed. Can you uncover the secrets hidden among the stars?

Get ready to build your rocket and launch into space! Arrange the rocket parts according to the template provided by dragging them into place with your mouse. Once your rocket is assembled, it's time to blast off to the Moon, the first stop on your celestial voyage.

Search through the cluttered closet on the Moon to find the hidden stars. Click on each star as you discover them, but beware—they're cleverly concealed among the debris. Next, journey to Mars and meet Martian Mickey, but watch out for the differences between him and our classic Mickey Mouse. Can you spot them all?

As you venture further into space, navigate through a perilous asteroid field with Pluto's help to guide Mickey back to the safety of the rocket. Follow the arrows and click in the direction you want to go, avoiding collisions with asteroids along the way.

Once you've collected all the stars, prepare to explore the mysterious Secret Planet. Armed with a Treasure Hunter detector, scour the planet's surface to uncover buried treasure. Move your mouse to search and use the detector whenever it detects something of interest. Keep searching until you unearth the hidden treasure!

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