Mickey Mouse: Bump in the Night

Mickey Mouse: Bump in the Night

Embark on a thrilling adventure with Mickey Mouse as he visits Count Mickula's haunted house in the Bump in the Night game. With strange noises echoing through the halls, it's up to you to help Mickey solve the mystery and uncover the source of the eerie sounds.

Put your detective skills to the test and navigate through the spooky house, collecting pumpkins, treasures, and keys along the way. Use the Left and Right arrow keys to guide Mickey through each level, and don't forget to utilize the stairs (activated with the SpaceBar) to move between floors.

But beware! Mickey is afraid of the dark, so be sure to keep the lights on by pressing the SpaceBar at key moments. Watch out for ghosts lurking in the shadows and use your wits to outsmart them. With each level presenting new challenges and obstacles, including hidden doors and menacing monsters, can you help Mickey overcome his fears and unravel the secrets of the haunted house?

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