Jake and the Never Land Pirates: Puttin' Pirates

Jake and the Never Land Pirates: Puttin' Pirates

Embark on a thrilling adventure with Jake and his crew in the Puttin' Pirates game - Pirate Mini Golf awaits! Set foot in the whimsical world of Never Land, where excitement knows no bounds and even the notorious Captain Hook is tempted to join in the fun. Now's your chance to step into the shoes of your favorite character and tee off on an epic journey through the mystical landscape.

Gather up to five of your mates or brave the course solo - the choice is yours. Master the art of mini-golf as you navigate through nine challenging holes, each presenting its own set of obstacles. From treacherous muddy swamps to gaping crocodile mouths and fiery volcanoes, every turn offers a new test of skill and courage fit for a true pirate!

But fear not, for with each successful stroke, you'll earn valuable coins that can be traded for exciting rewards, including custom golf balls and enchanting power-ups. Will you be the one to unlock the elusive magnet power-up, drawing your ball closer to victory with every swing?

So, hoist the sails and prepare for an unforgettable showdown on the greens. Whether you're a seasoned golfing pro or a first-time buccaneer, the Puttin' Pirates game guarantees thrills and excitement for all who dare to accept the challenge. Join Jake and the Never Land Pirates today - arrr you ready to seize glory on the course?

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