Planes: Piston Peak Pursuit
Planes: Piston Peak Pursuit

Planes: Piston Peak Pursuit

Join Dusty and Dipper as they race against time to extinguish raging forest fires in the Planes Fire & Rescue: Piston Peak Pursuit game! Your favorite planes are on a mission to keep everyone safe, but they need your help to succeed. Can you assist them and save the day?

To play, select your preferred plane and prepare for action! Your task is to fly into the air, fill up with water, and then drop it onto the fires below. But be cautious of obstacles along the way – one wrong move could lead to disaster!

In this fast-paced adventure, speed and precision are crucial. Maneuver your plane using the arrow keys, and use the Spacebar to release water onto the flames. With five challenging stages to conquer, can you earn three stars each time and become a certified member of the fire crew team?

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