DC Super Hero Girls: Super Late

DC Super Hero Girls: Super Late

Always dreamed of being a superhero? Dive into the Super Late game alongside Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Bumblebee, and The Super Hero Girls. Join them on a thrilling adventure in Metropolis, racing against time to make it home after a night of fighting crime. Commissioner Gordon's inspection looms, so quick reflexes are essential!

Mastering the game's controls is key: navigate with the arrow or W and S keys, jump with Up or W, and slide with Down or S. Utilize the Space Bar to switch between characters, each offering unique abilities tailored to different levels. From Bat Girl's high jumps to Supergirl's brute strength, adaptability is crucial to success!

Each level presents its own challenges and time constraints, demanding precision and agility. Collect stars by completing levels quickly and efficiently, aiming for the coveted three-star rating. With perseverance and determination, you can help The Super Hero Girls triumph against the clock and prove your mettle as a true superhero!

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