Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures

Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures

Barbie has a jam-packed day ahead in the Dreamhouse Adventures game, and she's counting on your help to make it a success! From playing sports to babysitting her little sister, Barbie's schedule is full of promises she needs to keep for her friends and family.

First up is a Badminton competition that Barbie is eager to win with Renee's help. Practice your swing in the backyard by using the Left and Right arrow keys to control Barbie's movements and return the birdie with precision.

Next, Nikki needs Barbie's horse, Tawny, for a horseback riding contest. Help Nikki navigate through obstacles by clicking to jump over them at the right time. And let's not forget about Chelsea's mischievous dog, Honey, who needs to be found and bathed before Barbie's parents return!

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