Barbie: Dolphin Magic Rescue
Barbie: Dolphin Magic Rescue

Barbie: Dolphin Magic Rescue

Embark on a thrilling tropical island adventure with Barbie and Chelsea in the Dolphin Magic Rescue game! What begins as a peaceful retreat quickly turns into an exciting mission as Barbie, Ken, and the girls encounter the Gemstone Dolphins and the mermaid Isla.

As Isla seeks to free her enchanted friends, you'll join her in navigating a complicated underwater labyrinth. Using your mouse, draw a path from Isla's location to one of her lost dolphins, being careful to avoid touching the cave walls. Once you reach a dolphin, get ready to race!

Guide Isla through the underwater obstacles, including traps, nets, and cages, to reunite with her dolphin friends. Collect enchanted seashells along the way to increase your score, but be quick and agile to avoid dangers.

Congratulations on finding one of the magical dolphins! With Ruby, Topaz, Emerald, and Amethyst counting on Barbie and Isla, it's up to you to navigate the challenges ahead with speed and skill. Are you ready to save the Gemstone Dolphins and complete this exciting rescue mission?

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